b. 1986, HK.



Claudia Bueno is a Venezuelan artist internationally recognized for her use of technology as the media that animates her work, as well as the intricacy of her compositions and a spatial sense of immersion. Lights, motors, circuits, sound, wind, and video charge her pieces with the life and movement that characterizes her creative language. Detailed drawings, meticulous cutouts, and elaborate structures leave evidence of the intimate engagement between the artist and her work.  Living in various countries around the world, inviting life changes and absorbing cultural diversity, Claudia has been collecting experiences and practices that enrich her life and creative process, launching her into a powerful quest of inner growth. Meditation retreats, energy work, healing journeys, shamanic circles and studies on spiritual psychology, have given Claudia an opportunity to start the journey into consciousness, weaving the layers of her life into a more holistic existence, learning to embrace her authenticity and connect with her greater purpose. Claudia recently developed a program called Creative Unlock offering private sessions and group workshops to help people connect with their Creative Spirits.